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Mission Statement: LARP Adventure Program nurtures and inspires individuals with, modesty, courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance and indomitable spirit, who in turn make the world a better place for all.


Fall Programing

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Fall Programing Starts Sep 2nd, we have after schools enrichment programs in Arlington, Winchester and Belmont.

Please email us at to join the adventure to discovering your personal legend.

Space is limited.


Saturday 2 (4)

LARP Adventure Program Summer Camps 2014

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LARP is Live Action Role Play — a core group of Acera students LOVE it.  (During the school year, it is Monday afternoon enrichment program for students age 10+)
LARP Adventure Program will host a 
LARP Camp Week at Acera 
August 25 – 29 2014,  9am – 4pm

LARP is creative and fun, and activities include an array of cool games.  LARPers invent a character with a backstory.  Often they design a costume and make specially decorated “boffers”  (these are foam swords).  There is usually a portion of each LARP camp week which is “in Game” — often a finale event when LARPers dress up as and act as their character, and become a part of “Etheraz”  a medieval world where heroes are made!
Students will do workshops led by the LARP Leaders within the Acera 2nd floor conference room, and will do outdoor games and activities at Davidson Park ( a large grassy open field with woodsy periphery across the street from school.)  This program will be entirely led by LARP instructors.
When:   Monday August 25 – Friday August 29
Times:  9am – 4pm
Cost:  $380 for the week
If you would like to enroll, please send
1. Name of Student who Plans to Enroll via email message to   and
2. a check for $380 made out to LARP Adventure Program along with student enrollment information (name, birthdate) and family contact information to LARP Adventure Program  516 East 2nd Street #38 Boston MA 02127

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