Dungeons and Dragons Story and Character Building Workshops

Creative story telling and self exploration done in the long ago form of oral tradition.  We believe that some forms of personal growth can not be replaced with computers, video games and wireless media.  In our weekend workshop we work with focus groups no larger than 8 with two instructors to create a hands on, one on one learning style and progressive development strategies.

Our goal is to help all of us all lean more about one self  and our interior landscape so that we can understand others with easy and grace.

Our main product we offer is the R.A.Salvatore Inspired Under Dark series called Passenger in the Dark.  The story takes place in three sets of 4, 4 hour workshops, for a total of 16 hours of interactive story telling each book, thus 48 hours total.

Characters are pre main for participants, as well as a collection of personalized maps, minis, models and more.

2012 Passenger in the Dark III

2012 Passenger in the Dark I

2011 Passenger in the Dark II

Dudgeons and Dragons - passenger in the Dark II Episode 4 - 2011

2010 Passenger in the Dark I


Let Love and Truth Be Thy Breath

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