Etheraz – History of the Heroes Guild 2000-2013


Welcome to Etheraz


LARP Adventure Program Event History:


Wormhole School of Magic, Wizards Warriors and You, Springfield MA MFA. 2000

School of magic at the Spring field Museum of Fine Arts summer program.  Learn spell casting, ancient movements of the yogi masters, wand creation, potions class, crypto zoology / monsters class, magic robe construction and finally graduate a Magi of the Arts of Spell Craft.

Bradhawk, Amesbury MA Sparhawk School, Wizards Warriors and You. 2002

Early Etheraz adventures discover the origins and the need to protect and keep secret the Elixir of Life, a forerunner artifact with great potential to give and take life.

Evenda and The Search for the Elixir of Life, Charles River Gym MA, Wizards Warriors and You 2002 -2004

2002 Private Group Lesson

2002 Private Group Lesson

Wizards, Warriors and You 2002 – Private group lessons in Brookline MA.

Adventures of Evenda

Adventures of Evenda

Respin, Dorian and others adventure to Evenda to protect them from the plague of the necromancer scrog and to retrieve the Elixir of Life before he summons an ancient dark force from the keep of the north.  Pharian meets and welcomes them on this quest, also we see Sarchnne ancient and old, as well as the keep of Chaculathul.

Exiler of Life 1

Exiler of Life 1

The Fellowship of Respin and Dorian, Max Wilt Residence Waltham MA 2003

AEC History:


1st Year: “THE DECENT” Tombs of the Endless, Fox Library 1st AEC Event.  Original 7 (Chained Angel Elixir Search)


1st Year: “HORIZONS” The journey to Raven Claw Cliffs and the death of Sylvain and the Heroes Guild Party by Bandit Mercenaries know as the “Black Brotherhood” or the “Brotherhood of Shadow”.


2nd Year: “FORGOTTEN REALMS” The Underdark Graves of the Ancient Elves., Menotomy Rocks Park Arlington MA (continues Tombs of the Endless).

End Year Event: Solamar’s Castle and the Beast within.  Menotomy Rocks Park Arlington MA.  (Death experience from party of The Underdark Graves of the Ancient Elves, bodies taken into portal that will lead to Faros 5).


I.H. Birthday Party “The origins of Ancestory”: Save the eldryan Hecate from ritual to sacrificed from necromancer.

1st Year:  “DECEPTION” Solamar, Alister and the Abby (with Gargoyle guardian).


2nd Year:  “THE AWAKENING” Raven Claw Cliffs / Cursed Tomb/ Portal/ slain elveni elder to open portal / Phobos and Deminos (Sir Squiddy aka Popethulu, blind profet and Hathian kills Solamar in Alister’s body by rope lighting out his soul).

3rd Year: Faros  “Faros 5” The Gate” Hierophant.

End Year Event:  Shadow Crest I The Heroes Guild feast, Menotomy  Rocks Arlington MA.


Yule Event 2009:  The First Yule Feast of the Heroes Guild – the thief of the labyrinth into the underdark.

LARP Adventure Program Heroes Guild Yule Feast 2009

1st Year Event 2009:  Trinity Artifact. TMP Martial Arts, Arlington MA.   “Soul Shards” to Seer to bring party to Orc King.

Trinity Artifact Poster

2nd Year Event 2010:  Bellow the Heroes Guild / Underdark Event I.  Senior Center Arlington AM.  Ungwe Eldar, Houses Dimirin “house of lies”, House Maeafin “house of the web”, House Malakir “house of life feeders”


3rd Year Event 2010:  Faros “Faros 6 – The Avalon Mist” The Lovers.

 “Shadow Crest II – Retreat to Island of the EndlessJune 25th 2010


Wizgaz Leget was found on the Island of the Endless where the ancient elder once ruled. The abandoned island now serves as a prison for ancient and dark forces , including what appears to be Ungwe Eldar. Wizgaz awoke at the island after jumping time so much he created a vortex in the mineral labyrinth of the north tower that engulfed him. Now he as found himself trapped by the Island’s mysterious power and greeted by faces that  he doesn’t recognize.  Here the pillar of souls returns to it’s makers, the followers of the great weaver and Maze begins to unravel uncanny horrible truths within the Island of the Endless, the elixir of life and the Book of the Ancient Ones.

Spring Story 2010: The Pillar of Souls plot.


Year Open Event 2010:  Tribal Clans Calling.  Menotomy Rocks Park Arlington MA.

Yule Event 2010:  Heroes Guild Ceremony at the Island of Endless Ceremony w Rex and IanIMG_1432an

Winter Story 2011:  The Battle of the Yeti and Ice Monsters on the Island of Endless

1st Year Event 2011: Kingdom of Arancis (Edoras’s World of werewolves  and vampires).  Menotomy rocks Park Arlington MA.


2nd Year Event 2011: Shadows of Isle Eldarian – Underdark II.   Metro Rock Newburyport MA.  The awaking of Sarachine.




Spring Games Escaping Eldarian 2011-3-9


Spring LARP Games 2011:  The town of force casters, Rygar and saving the Princess.  Rhys, princess body guard. Princess hating werewolves  Bandits in the woods.

3rd Year Event 2011:  Faros 7 “The Origins of the Guild” The Chariot.  USS Salem Quincy MA.  How Kadath discovers the crystals and a parasites to save his species.

“Shadow Crest III – Elements of Eldarian” July 29th 2011 (LARP SUMMER CAMP WEEK 1-2)

Maze Hodaraz cracks the secrets to the Isle of Eldaerian and the Ancient Book and artifacts of which he conceals.  The Heroes must become initiated by the Eldaerians elemental spirits and form a circle of power from those whom survive to claim the power of Eldarian.  By doing so the Isle turns from foe to friend and the Guild is able to call upon a new force as new massive dark threats descend from above onto the island.  Mean while Solamar posses one of the Guilds greatest members to mock Maze and the Guild and bring the foreboding news of the return of the Ancient Ones.


Fall Equinox Event: The Naming I 2011.

Ottoson School Arlington MA. New characters meet races and are brought into the great hall of Eldarian to write their names in the book with the clock of Hirune.

Z’s Birthday Party:  Voyage to the Ministry 2011.  


Maze give out powerful totems and seal to Respin to have out to a party lead by Leonidus to ask for the Elixir of life back but to truly discover the location of the trinity artifact.  During which a necromancer helps HG get artifacts from ministry while the ministry is conjuring shadow beings and wraiths for protection.  It turns out the Ministry is prepare for some kind of war, however the ministry give the Orc a fake trinity artifact to by them time from the Orc attack.  Menotomy Rocks Parks Arlington MA.

The return from the Ministry Outpost 12/9/2011

This Friday December 9th we will be revealing the side plot developed during a LARP birthday party this fall involving Heroes Guild Members lead by Leonidus to investigate an outpost of the Ministry of Factumian Auctoria.  Respin acquired knowledge that the Elixer of Life, after being removed from Heroes Guild Great Hall,  was being held at this outpost and not taken to MOFA headquarters as protocol calls for.  Maze Hodaraz called for a party lead by Leonidus to investigate the matters involving this Ministry outpost.  The event begins with the return of Leonidus’s party returning to Heroes Guild outpost on the woods south of Eldarian.

Heroes Guild Yule Feast “Answering the Call” Dec 21 2011

Magic Guild Table Yule 2011

The Guild opens the great hall on Isle Eldaerian in it’s traditional festival like function to it’s members to participate in the three major and three minor guild schools.  As is tradition a royal feast is enjoyed.

Winter Story Series “The Chronicles of Eldarian” 2012

Guild members have a trial for Leonidus and party for the incident with the towns folk.

A Trail is set for Draconus but a powerful Orc attack is put in place, Leonidus and Draconus are captured as well as the newly found Elixir of Life.

Because of the invasion Elazar escapes with first years towards the north with hopes of meeting up with reinforcements from Arancis, unfortunately they meet up with powerful Ministry members and Elazar is taken captive.

2nd Year Event: Under-dark III – The Shadows of Isle Eldarian II “Origins of Elderyan” 4/28/2012

Heroes Guild members of year 2 venture into the Under Dark of Eldarian with Versar the Magus of the Heroes guild, The marked Gypsy and the Defected Ungwee Eldar. There the party finds the underdark in a civil war amongst all the races and the Ungwee Eldar fighting amongst the great houses for the favor of Sarachinne.  Sarachinne fully awakened show the guild members the gate she has woven into a crystal web which can take them back to the guild within the mineral labyrinth.  However 6 keys and 3 ritual components where needed to fully activate the gate.  Without all of these items for the Great Weaver to use the party has found themselves within the worlds in the ABSU or VOI.  Facing a being not from Etheraz the party is in imminent doom.

1st Years Event: Heroes of Arancis 5/11/2012

Heroes venture throughout the Raven Cliffs to find, angry Orc’s, confused Ministry members and scouts from Respen’s tribe in the north.  Upon the cliffs dark sorcerers are holding open a portal that seems to lead to the heroes guild.  The party rifts and finds a priest of Solamar conjuring a spawn from another dimension.  The sight of the spawn throws all the heroes into the realm of madness where they must find away out of the priests mind.

Into the Mind of Madness Series – Spring 2012

The first years are dominated from the spawn conjured from the priest of Solamar, their only hope is to free the mind of the priest form the lord of madness (Discord) and thus brake the spell.

The Creation of Putrigal – N Birthday Party – June 9th 2012

Endorana of the Forest and The Stone Seer 6-9-2012

After going through the gate of Sarachinne in the underdark of Eldarian the second years found themselves between world facing an ancient horror.  Mean while back in the Second Age, Endora, ruler of the plants and forest creatures, beckons the Old Gods to help here save the tree of Aldara, one of the Elderi.  Guess those Elderi Swords have some sort of fabric of multi verse tracking.  Endora manages to rift the second years to give her aid in saving the tree, unfortunately the saving of the tree is the exact incident that creates the creature they are facing in-between worlds.  Did anyone get that diviners name who told them to take the heart of life from the temple of the dead?  The party manages to find the creatures weakness and acquire powerful magic artifacts from the Second Age.  Just as they find peace for Endora as she morns over the passing of the tree of Aldara’s knowledge, they rift out and portal to ….

Accent to the Heroes Guild – July 13th 2012 / Summer Fun Camp

Xandem Ministry Chaos Caster – July 13 2012 – Accent to the Heroes Guild

The first and second year students of the dissolved Heroes Guild find each other in the outer forest of the guild as they dodge angry Orcs and Vengeful Ministry members, with the help of two merchants.   The Second years showed up from a portal that open up at the ruins of Zyeste’s Orbotorium.  The first years returning from attempting to meet with the Arancis reinforcements, lead the second years up to the out skirts of the guild’s trading town.  There both parties find Orc wanting revenge from the Ministry with a strong dislike fro “Sky Magic” and Ministry members confused about what side of the coin they serve.
Upon acceding to the ramp to the guild school they are meet with the dark force of Xandem,conjuring beings made of darkness and fear.  The Heroes where able to overcome the dark forces but not without paying a price.

July 14-15 at GRAPE ISLAND – @ Boston Harbor Islands : The Dream-lands of Etheraz I

The old ways of the ancient ones, the old gods has all but been forgotten in the waking world of Etheraz but not in the dream lands.  Here the forces that are eternal still rein supreme.  However something is slowly tearing at the threads of existence and a strange floating box appears, as the suns and moons of the dream lands falls primal chaos being to haunt the souls of the Dreamlands.  Late at night the crone moon dances with the signals of the elder folk and primal darkness attacks.  It was this night a secret was revealed to the one whom can bring this to an end or release it upon the dimensions of the Arda forever.

The Return to the Heroes Guild – July 19th 2012

7-19-2012 Georges Island Shadow Crest – “The Return to the Heroes Guild”

The first and seconds years recover from the battle with the chaos Ministry Sorcerer and find a caster whom has been hiding out in the guild of the last 12 months from the Orcs and Ministry.  He show them where the last remaining camps are located as well as where ancient powerful items are residing.  After unlocking the Augurim Kryti and discovering a living suit of armor made by Ignatous and Maze to protect a sword forged from the power of the dying sun, the Heroes face the horrible monster conjured from the priest of Solamar.  After overcoming the creature they find the Legendary dark psyon of the order of the 13.

The Fellowship of Forlork – July 27 2012

The Fellowship of Forlork 7/27/2012

Under the sudden leadership of Leonidas, the heroes follow him into the mines north east of the guild.  There the fellowship fends of hordes of goblins and cave trolls as they luge the gate through the mines endless catacomb like passages.  Barley getting out of the mines with there lives the heroes continue into the massive Forlork forest meet by a lonely Augerum.  Deeper within the forest the Heroes come in contact with a Mystic elf whom can teach the ways of the Forests medicine and deadly poison.  He heeds the heroes not to make load noises or the sky creatures will come.  The Heroes find there fate in the belly of a giant grub soon after and awaking within a mysterious dome castle.

BOSTON FIGMENT Adventures of the Etheraz July 27-28 2012


LARP adventure Program offers Etheraz and Faors to Boston general public for 30 min mods.

Assistant Instructor – Origins Event: Alexis Moisand / Caspian Sabine


The Fortress of ForlorkAugust 3 2012

The Fortress of Forlork 8-3-2012

Within what is revealed as the central chamber of the multi layered fortress of Forlork, an ever changing maze of ancient stone work, the Heroes manage to manipulate musical devices which alter the fortress and its mysterious portals.  A Party discovers the secrets needed to activate the central portal in the main chamber, a gate that seems to be a part of the fortress.  As the great conjunction of the three suns grows closer, and the fate of Etheraz lies in the hands of the Heroes Guild members, all eyes fall towards the Forests of Forlork and the planar and time portals that begin to rapidly open do to unknown sources.

August 8-10 at GRAPE ISLAND – @ Boston Harbor Islands : The Dream-lands of Eheraz II

The Dream-lands Event 8-8-2012, The Dream Walkers II

The Earthen Lord, Lady of Change, Verdant King and The Specter Queen all return as the  forces that are eternal and rein supreme.  The setting is the Tavern of the Stable of the unstable table outside of Ulathara, and everyone everywhere is preparing for the festival of the dream sun.  The four clans of the Lizard folk make contact with the dram-walkers.  Tribe palm, claw, fierce and water all seek different things and have different motives to be discovered. Upon the second night the strange floating box appears again.  The gods of harmony and discord appear with there lessons and requests.  The Robed Man choices another champion, mean while the mystic elf from the swamps cast a   revivification circle “to share”.  Later the circle becomes tainted by chaos magic.  The party venture into  the woods to seek ingredients for Palm tribe to only find the tainted heart of a tree-folk turned into a chaos beast sporing out shadow.  Trolls and man size bats haunt the woods.  A trip to Dylathleen proves complex and rewarding after a run in with the Leng traders.  That night another dark mask appears and beings of shadow and chaos haunt the tavern.  After an epic quest into the enchanted Forest.  The Old gods are seeking the source of the disruption of balance, mysterious orbs appearing to dream-walkers, the festival of the dream sun heightens, what does it all mean?

2012-8-18 The Pale Cross of Bleakwood – Bloodline Event – Birthday Party

The Pale Cross Party – Aug 18th 2012

The town of Cantubury is facing a plague of some sorts, attack from unknown sources on travelers has increased and a sickness is begin to spread amongst the town folk.  The good warriors under the Local Cleric whom worships the “Divine Light”, have a lead to an investigation of a hut in the fishing town near but located along the swam villages.   The group is refereed to has the Pale Cross and is seen as Heroes of Divine power.  After the Pale Cross discovers plans to poison the town, alchemical devices and a strange husk of a ancient looking beetle of sorts the party is attacked by a group of undead draining them of there abilities.  Good thing they got a map that relives a secret location and name.  The party continue to quest using the map towards a cave.   They find themselves weak to sunlight, and feared by locals.  Eventual the party finds the caves in question that are occupied b Baron Albertus Magnus Holmes conjuring a blood thirsty being from a circle of void magic.  Soon the party s taken and slain and then something dark is conjured in each of them.  soon villagers arrive cursing the Pale Cross of all the decay and sickness and Albertus is joining in an the accusations.  Unfortunately it takes the Cleric to intervene with his life and pass his Divine power to one of the cursed Pale Cross Knights.

The gathering of Spirits, Fall equinox 2012 Whispering Winds Event

The New Hope of Etheraz Sep 21 2012

The coming of new heroes is at hand.  The three suns will soon unity as one and the new Heroes of prophecy will be born form the Forlork Fortress.  These beings come from the source of the Arda and will bring new blessing to Etheraz.

The Great Conjunction Part 5 “The Fayean” NOV 10-12, 2012 – Camp Denison

The Abyss December 2012

2013 Feb 2-3: “In the North” 


When Master of Artifacts and Founder of Earth Magic Maze Hodaraz conjured the chosen heroes of the Gate to free the Princess from his mind at the Isle of Eldarian many where gifted with a rift sigil, a magical mark that would take them where ever they requested.  The mark has awakened by the coming of Markuth and the Conjunction of the 3 Suns.  Welcome to the realm of the Khans, the snow elf,   the frost giants and the wind walkers.  Welcome to ancient tombs before the Eldryan children ruled the realms of Etheraz.  Welcome to the horrors that are locked away with their legends and myths destroyed to ensure no one would ever look for them and the darkness they can unleash.  Welcome to the North.

2013, April 14th – Unangorash Fang / Under-dark IV

The Brownie of Fee – Sat June 15, 2013 Willard’s Woods

Children of the Light Rays - June 15, 2013 Willard's Woods

Children of the Light Rays – June 15, 2013 Willard’s Woods

The Mimics have returned! They have heard the requests of Merian, Irralia, Arntxa and Grace. They have selected their champions to right what was wronged by the Fayean folk long ago. In doing so they will reveal many questions concerning the present state of Etheraz.

Summer Solstice Sovereign Marshall event June 2013


LARP Adventure Program at AEC with Summer Fun 2013


2013 July 12th “Flashbacks of Eldrainia”


2013 July 19th


2013 July 26th


2013 July 31 Maze Hodaraz’s Return Part II


2013 Aug 2


2013 Aug 5-9th The Great Conjunction Series Part X “The Rota” RETURN OF THE ELDERI


2013 Aug 12-16th The Realm of the Ancient Ones, The final conclusion to the decade long saga.


2013 Dec 20 – Heroes Guild Yule Feast “The Waiting Spirits of Tomorrow” 




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