Forms / Logistics

Below you may find almost all of the forms required to attend programming with LARP Adventure Program. Different types of programming require different forms and one should refer to the programming details to determine which forms are needed.

As a general rule, all participants, must fill out (at minimum) an emergency information form. However, those who have filled out a membership form for the present academic year typically do not need to fill out the emergency information form.

GENERAL Attendance:

Emergency Information Form

YOUTH CLASS Registration:

Middle School Classes 2015-16

High School Classes 2015-16

CIT Application Form 2015-16

YOUTH Membership:

Youth Membership Form 2015-2016

ADULT Membership:

Adult Membership Form 2015-16

EVENT Registration Form:

Event Registration Form

WORKSHOP Registration Form:

Workshop Registration Form

Inspiration – Creation – Formation – Manifestation

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“We Are Imagination” ™

“Discover your Personal Legend” ™

Let Love and Truth Be Thy Breath

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