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Welcome to LARP Adventure Program! Our first community principle is inclusion. We are happy you have chosen to enroll in the Evenda Heroes / Marshals Academies, our independent afterschool and evening programming, in Arlington, MA. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to successfully register your youth for his or her desired classes!


Live Action Role Play can take many forms and be used to create many things.  It is an integration of theater and sports that includes all of the interdisciplinary arts.  It’s a place where communities can form and take shape.  In our LARP, we take the approach of TLD work, or Transformational Leadership through Theater, as well as, old world and ancient customs and traditions, housed with personal and community principles to create a vessel for self, community and global transformation.  By the process of multiple intelligent learning methods, eastern movement, inspiration and creative nurturing, participants are energized and activated for self empowerment, facing challenges and addressing fears.  The goal is to teach 21st century skills while not losing the lesson of old.  Thus creating awesome human beings who have a place where they can practice self exploration and transformation to discover their inner power and truths.  In short “we hold each other to do awesome things”.

Heroes Guild Academy Yearly Sessions at a glance.

SESSION 1 Sep/Oct-  Character Creation and Developing the Hero within.

SESSION 2 Nov/Dec- Martial Arts Training and Testing

SESSION 3 Jan/Feb- DIY and STEM Projects, Designing and Making the Tools of the Trade

SESSION 4 Mar/Apr- Learning the Game Rules, Learning about Community

SESSION 5 May/June Application and Community Celebration

Heroes Guild Academy Week at a glance.

Monday – Community DIY Gaming, “Mod Day Mondays”, games for all levels.

Tuesday – 1st Year and Basic LARP  Development, all levels welcome.  Originally reserved for focuses on basic curriculum, now 2nd and 3rd years can work on taking their curriculum further and get more out of it with review, personal DIY project time as well as the opportunity for CIT training.

Wednesday – 2nd Year and Moderate LARP Skills Development, all levels welcome.  Originally reserved for 3rd and 2nd year students to develop moderate level curriculum, we have expanded this year to have CIT’s work with 1st years to help develop there skills and ask personal questions about current projects as well as explore additional curriculum.

Thursday – 3rd Year and Advance LARP Development, all levels welcome.  Originally reserved for only advanced 3rd year students, this year we have expanded to have CIT’s work with other levels to help develop there skills and ask personal questions about current projects as well as explore additional curriculum.

Friday – LARP GAMES, Community Arts based LARP games for all levels.  Classics games are played with LARP guidelines, Capture the Flag, Sovereign Court, Multi Flag, Monsters in the Middle, Etc.  All time favorites for all levels of experience.

*Please note this outline is for Evenda Heroes Guild Academy out of Arlington Center for the Arts on Foster St Arlington MA

Who is at a Heroes Guild Academy?  Our Standards

Our Heroes Guild Academy are run by one or more of our Instructors whom meet and exceed standards set by MA law requires for childcare.  All our our Instructors have gone through our 9 years curriculum are over 21 years of age, have been cleared through CORI and SORI, have a minimum of 4 years as a child care professional and are First Aid and CPR certified in addition to other response qualifications.

Our Instructors are also assisted by Assistant Instructors and High School CIT’s.  Assistant Instructors have at least gone through our 6 year of our curriculum program and are in additional training through LAP presently.  Assistant Instructors have had at least 1 year of  post High School experience in College or professional experience, are over 18 years of age, have been cleared through CORI and SORI, have a minimum of 2 years in child care and are First Aid and CPR certified in addition to other response qualifications.  All CIT’s have been through or are currently enrolled in our 1st to 3rd year curriculum, are enrolled in are have complete High School LARP leadership training, are enrolled in High School or equivalent and are First Aid and CPR certified.



Our yearly membership and registration fee is $75.00.  This fee covers insurance and application processing for our membership records.

Program Classes start at $225.00 for each session each day.  The price goes down incrementally for each additional day you sign up for.

Other Services:

Guild Nights.  Guild Nights are our Academic year LARP/dance nights where youth from all our Heroes Academy come to getter to laugh play and enjoy each others company.  Guild Nights door is $10.00, meal tickets start at $5.00, additional featured DIT projects can run from $10-$40 and Magic The Gathering Card Drafts run $25.00.

Weekend Day Mod Adventures run typically  on a Saturday or Sunday and run $120.00

Weekend Sleep Over Adventure Events run on average from Friday night to Sunday after noon and run $360.00



Step One: Membership
All participants in programming with LARP Adventure Program, must have a current membership for the present academic year. Academic years are defined as between September 1st – August 31st. Not only does this fulfill an important insurance requirement, this is also our primary method for collecting emergency information from participants. Thus it is important to fill out a fresh membership form each academic year, even if your youth has been with us in the past.

To sign up for a youth membership, you may proceed to our online storefront ( or go to that product directly by clicking here: New or Returning. All youth who have held a youth membership with L.A.P. in past years are considered “Returning”, all youth who have not done so are considered “New”.

Upon successfully ordering the membership via the online storefront, youth and their parent(s) / guardian(s) should together fill out the online Youth Membership Form here. Please be as thorough and accurate as possible as, again, this is our primary source of emergency information.

Step Two: Class Registration
All registration for afterschool and evening classes at the Evenda / Arlington location are handled through our online storefront ( in order to streamline registration and facilitate record-keeping. There are three separate ways in which we process payments – Recurring, Invoiced and At Will. Products for all three may be found under the relevant Evenda Heroes Academy and Evenda Marshals Academy categories.

Recurring. Our preferred option, with recurring payments our ecommerce client automatically saves your card information and charges your card every session (two month period). As payments are automatic, this option is ideal for youth who are committed to certain classes for the full academic year and also carries a $25 per class per session discount from the regular price. Note this method uses a separate product, clearly titled ‘Recurring’.

Invoiced. Those who prefer to pay by check / cash order / paypal, or who prefer not to sign up for recurring payments, may sign up to receive electronic invoices every session (two month period) to renew their youth’s registration for classes in the new session. Invoices must be paid manually through our website and are typically issued two weeks prior to a new session with a due date of the first day of the session.

At Will. Those who prefer to be individually responsible for signing up their youth session-to-session may sign up for At Will payments. No invoices will be issued and payments may be made at any time. However, in order for a youth to participate in a new session, payment must be receive prior to the first day of the session. Payments made after this time cannot be guaranteed to be processed in time and youth may not participate until the payment is processed.

Upon successfully placing the order for classes, all that must be filled out is the appropriate Class Registration Form: Middle School or High School.  Note that at this point, you can distinguish which payment option you would prefer to use. This form must only be filled out once for the full year, unless changes to their class schedule or payment options is made later on.

Step Three: Attend Classes!
Your youth is now fully registered for classes and ready to participate! All they have to do is show up and have fun, we’re looking forward to having them!

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