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Welcome aboard the FSS Overworld! Please present your citizenship registration to the clerk and we’ll process you as soon as possible!

What are we?

Overworld Inc. is the name for the production team behind the Overworld parties, which debuted on Halloween of 2010 in Arlington, Massachusetts. The production team works to create vibrant and immerse experiences for party goers, doing our best to completely bring them to the apocalyptic alternate universe the Overworld airship is based on.

Who are we?

The production team of Overworld Inc. is made up largely of high schoolers, though with some older advisory, holding to the mentality that the best people to attract high schoolers are their comrades! Overworld Inc. is a subset of the LARP Adventure Program which runs several similar, more structured, plot lines for middle schoolers.

Why are we?

Overworld Inc. holds strongly to the belief that people need productive creative outlets in their lives, and we strive to create such an outlet for them. By putting on the face of a character completely unassociated with oneself, one can explore roles in society and places in themselves that they refused to touch due to the possibility of embarrassment. Overworld brings into the lives of the participants something unorthodox and strange, which is exactly what many high schoolers need.

Citizen Application


2010, October – Infection

2011, January – Frosted

2011 May – Seekers







2011 October – Infection








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