Past Classes

Past Classes:

Here we keep information about past classes and workshops that we’ve run at LARP Adventure Program.

Learn digital video editing while making movies from LARP event footage!

LARP Adventure Program Video Club

When: Sundays

Teacher: Josh Kastorf,

Where: Josh’s studio, 27 Brookside Ave., Jamaica Plain, MA

Learning objectives:
– Introduction to the art of film editing
– Introduction to digital video editing and effects software
– Introduction to specific strategies for editing LARP videos

The classes are free because this is a pilot program and because, in exchange for the class, students are expected to help with future LARP Adventure Program videos. (This is not a specific time commitment– they just need to do as much as is reasonable with their other time commitments.)

Students will get the most out of the class if they are editing on their own time in between classes, either at home or at a media lab at their school or local cable station.

To do this they will need:
A Mac (preferred) or Windows computer
One of these video editing programs:
– Adobe Premier CC or CS6 (preferred)
– Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut Express
– Avid Media Composer
File-sharing software (either Dropbox or Adobe Creative Cloud)
External Hard Drive (1TB) (optional)
Second monitor (optional)

For class: If students have laptops they should bring them to the class. If not, we can provide a computer, but students may need to share.


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