Ye Olde Commons was the best event I’ve ever attended, as well as being the best camp I’ve ever attended. I don’t generally PC, and this was my first time PCing in a while. And it was incredible.  Thanks. -Player Kenzie S, Arlington MA

Thanks so much for the event. It was absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed everything and especially the fight against the Templar. The lighting was great! I know it is a lot of work for you guys to set up and prepare for the event so thank you again.  – Player Max C.S., Arlington MA

“This is the best thing I have ever done in my life” – Summer Event Participant Hagan J, Canaan NH


The LARP program has been an invaluable experience for my daughter.  Eric and his team continue to promote and encourage group and individual creativity in a safe, yet challenging environment.  Each individual’s thoughts and ideas are respected, valued, and rewarded within a highly structured framework.   My daughter’s self esteem and self confidence have improved through the interactions that occur as a result of participating in same age groups and mixed age teams activities, assisting with newer participants, and dealing with random circumstances within a mixed age group. She has become more self -aware about her capabilities as well as areas of her personality that she wants to develop further. Through the LARP program she has been offered the means to improve or hone those and other skill sets. The participants learn about the Renaissance period, martial arts and self control principles of that genre as well as form a network of friends outside the classroom that they would not have met.  LARP enables a very intelligent, unique group of kids to have the opportunities that no standard curriculum or other after school programs can offer. – Standley, Sharon GZ/US, Arlington MA

 I’ll tell you that LARP has become like a lifeline for him.  He struggles with school, and each week, he’s counting the days till he can go to LARP after-school.  Thank you so much for creating the supportive, fascinating, and non-judgemental environment … It’s a gift!” – Parent Melina Engel, Belmont MA

“The LARP Adventure Program (LAP) supports growth of the whole person. It is a unique group in which young people can express their full creativity, develop their physical skills, and, most importantly, find a place in a highly intentional community that allows them to practice who they want to be in the world. The values of respect, honesty, integrity, mindfulness and care for everyone in the group are integral to the LARP experience, both in-game and out.”  -Parent Bess Deck, mother of two students, Arlington MA

“As created by Eric Love (the Director), LARP offers rich opportunities for kids to use their imaginations, creative powers, minds, bodies, and spirits to build a community of like-minded souls and have a ton of fun in the process.”  -Parent Robin Schoenthaler, MD, Arlington MA

“When I picked Elliot up last week, he told me (with a grin) that “They don’t let you be shy” and he told me how Eli introduced him to all of the other kids.  As I’ve been reading more on your web site, I love the focus on “community”.  As you may remember, we home school Elliot, in which he has a small group of friends.  However, for a while now, we’ve been looking for other activities where he can find “his tribe”.  And although it’s still early, I feel like at LARP there’s a really good chance for Elliot to find other kids with similar interests.” –Parent Sarah, Arlington MA.

“The LARP activities have captivated Nick’s imagination.  He has had a safe, supportive and enriching place to be after school, where he feels like he belongs.  It is hard to imagine what this year, in this new place, would have been like for him and all of us, without LARP”  -Parent Marianne, Arlington MA

“It’s been great getting to know you and all your love and care …LARP has made him (student) very happy!  The LARP events are probably his (student) favorite experiences of 6th grade.  I have never know such a spirit existed and it’s been quite a great match for him.  Thanks for all the hard work you put into everything!”  -Parent Monica, Arlington MA

“I just wanted to let you know that “my son” had another wonderful experience this summer at LARP camp!  He’s been talking about it for two weeks now.  He is also looking forward to the high school LARP program.  I love that he’s found something that he is so passionate about.  Thank you to everyone at L.A.P.!” – Parent Kara Larzelere, Arlington MA
“Our son has benefited most greatly from the LARP program” – Parent Emily Randall, Arlington MA
“LARP is part of what has molded our son into the outstanding adolescent/soon-to-be young adult that he is. I want to ensure that the next set generation of youth growing up with us get these same opportunities. ”  – Parent Sally Buta, Arlington MA

I didn’t really get a chance in class to say this, but thank you so much. I’m not sure where I’d be without what you’ve helped me and the other people achieve for themselves.  Thank you.  Student Evan, Arlington MA

My life has changed because LARP was added to it. Student Arlington MA

I enjoy LARP because I like books and it’s like being inside a story.  Student Arlington MA

We are writing this message to tell L.A.P. that everyone involved in the program at Chenery is very glad that you guys came and are teaching us. Larp is the best pastime we have ever had since drawing (which is saying something).  we can’t wait for next session!  -Students Lily + Hallie, Belmont MA

I used to hate any school activities that included exercising. But then I saw LARP, I didn’t know what it was so I decided to try it out. Then I was instantly hooked. That was because LARP was in a way like gym. LARP gave me the exercise that I needed and at the same time I was happy and I really enjoyed it because I wasn’t judged or hurt. AND… THERE WAS PINK HAIRED LADY!!!!!  -Student Hallie, Belmont MA
“Eric–you really opened my heart and mind to a lot in the world. I don’t think I’ve ever really thanked you for being such a good mentor and role model. It may be corny, but I really look up to you. Peace and love” -Student Devin, Brookline MA

I’ve met my best friends, and learned some of the most important lessons In my time at LARP. It’s really fun and has always been the high point of my day for every day Ive been there for all four years. -Student Ian H, Arlington MA

“Dear Eric (the Director), Thank you for being my LARP teacher, my parents love that I’ am trying something new.  You are an amazing person” -Student Lissy, Arlington MA

“LARP is awesome” -Student Anthony K, Arlington MA



“I’m so glad I’ve gotten a chance to get to know you (Eric Love)!  You are by far one of the wisest and most interesting people I have ever come in contact with.  Thank you for the advice.”

-Kelsey Craig, AEC Staff Lesley Intern, Boston MA.

“Eric (the Director) is very passionate about his work and clarity is found through his passionate communication styles…Eric creativity and personal magnetism give him attributes for success in anything he tries”.

-Diana Weisner, M.ED, AEC, Arlington MA

In our integrated college community, each student also makes a singular contribution to campus life.  Learning about your experiences as a member of LARP (LARP Adventure Program) convinced me you have ever-better days and triumphs ahead.  You will both stand out and grow here.

-Jonathan Burdick, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid University of Rochester

Eric, the leader of LARP, is to be commended for his tireless efforts in promoting and leading this dynamic activity. He is respected by the participants as well as his team leaders and is known for balancing creativity, fairness, and discipline to make this an enriching experience for all. The activities are well controlled AND monitored by him.  He is very willing to protect the LARP participants from other kids who instigate trouble after school through mockery or attempt to create a hostile environment for the group. This type of leadership and courage are so rare and very much appreciated since it is hard to find even in the daily classroom structure and life.  The kids respect him even more for this type of support because they know he is there for them and willing to stand up for them.

He has created an atmosphere which allows for creativity, brainstorming, and free thinking while maintaining control and balance to make the activities challenging yet rewarding.    In addition, Eric is respected because he has set up boundaries for the group and continues to reinforce and enforce these guidelines that were established in a consistent manner.   Constructive criticism is offered as well as assistance which enables kids to have a means to deal with situations on their own. I would like take this opportunity to recognize his efforts in enhancing the kids’ lives and middle school experience.

– Standley, Sharon GZ/US, Arlington MA



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